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The turmoil. The bloody turmoil which is choking me. For the first time, I feel again. And I hate it.

There is never a way out. Just a glorified promise of less. They will take your soul, chain it to the lifestyle, and then you'll forever be fighting the misery which holds your back up against the wall.

Despair will turn to anger. And anger will turn to hate.

Staring in the wooden mirror, I critically eye the scars shaping my legs. Each one from another bit of stupidity from this madness. I almost want to laugh. I’ve always been a reckless fool; these are just bitter reminders of the fact. Still, a little makeup can hide them from the world just as a smile can mask even the harshest pain. I am a master of masks.

To them, I am nothing but a sex object. But I don’t care; what should it matter so long as the end goal is met. Let them adore the brokenness. Let them lust after the imperfection which has been tailored to their needs.

Let them look at such a pretty doll. But never let them touch.

A touch ruins the illusion, smears the paint to reveal the sharp jagged edges beneath.

Red or blue polish? For a hundred dollars in an hour, I don’t particularly care. Because I can take myself into a private place which is so comfortably numb that the colors fade away and there is nothing but the quiet. My body will move smoothly with the music, but I’ll be shrouded in silence.

I choose the blue.

Samara sits in the corner of my mirror. Her green eyes show anger, fatigue. Why are you doing this? her expression screams, but her lips are locked shut. I don’t want to hear it; therefore, she can’t say it. She’s as much a painted harlequin as I am. She just danced to different music.

A smooth coat of lotion to close any nicks. Blood isn’t sexy.  A double coat of polish, one of sealant. Two sets of heels, one wedged, one bowed. Three carefully selected shirts; one for each stage of the task.

My gun, Hekate, loaded, cocked, and hidden in the small of my back. My cell is loaded with the information I need. My mouth is loaded with the lie which will take me out the door without suspicion.  It’s a job interview… Maybe if I repeat it enough I’ll believe it too. But it doesn’t matter. Time is up.

When my phone rings, I pick it up after the second buzz. “You owe me for this.”

“Bitch.” How original. It's still going to cost dearly. But you know that already.

“Don’t call me again.” Except we both know you will. Because there is nothing you can’t manage to fuck up. And somehow, that always ends up spilling over to me. The difference is, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to fix it.

“Just do it.” And now quoting Nike. How cute, in the "I want to rip your eyeballs out with a toothbrush" way.

Hanging up, I pull my keys down, kiss my son good bye and give a lingering kiss to my husband.  I am so sorry…. There was never a choice. He knows my past. He knows what I will do to protect us. “Do you have your gun?” he asks, looking up from his cooking.

“Of course, honey.”

He kisses me on the forehead. “See you when you get back.”

If I can live with myself after.
Lullay moon princess, goodnight sister mine
And rest now in moonlight's embrace
Bear up my lullaby, winds of the earth
Through cloud, and through sky, and through space.… A hauntingly beautiful listen.
I have added the second to last piece for "They Called Them...." and added "Folding the Map" which corresponds to the "My Mind" series. There may be additional up for My Mind within the week; "They Called Them..." should have a finale up in approximately 3 weeks.
So you’ve been talking to the Others. I suppose you heard all about the horrible things here. How they have to fight so hard.  But they’re liars. They live like kings, though in their padded kingdoms.Oh yes, would you like tea? There you go. Sugar? Cream? No? Ah. A purist. Can’t say I’m surprised; you are a journalist after all and they do like their sources uncontaminated. Leave it though for a moment. Any good tea needs time to steep.

Mary “Monster” is a child locked in a fantasy world she doesn’t understand. And just like a child, she’ll twist you to believe her so that she can get what she wants. What she does understand gets warped by the others, like Insanity (his actual name is Xander), who can manipulate her into doing what they want with a few fancy words.

The loss of her handler only made her madness worse. We tried rehabilitation with her, but I’m sure you understand the difficulties. Eventually, she managed to get out.

Maggie, or Misery, as you know her, doesn’t need an explanation if you know her. She’s a bloody psychopath any government would have put down if we hadn’t picked her up. Don’t believe me? Look at this mental report from the Lochwurst. She’s certifiably insane. Still not sure how she ended up back in her cell after…but that doesn’t matter. The point is, she’s dangerous. To say nothing of her brother Xander, who thinks he’s the bloody Mad Hatter.

By the way, those were his teeth on the floor. He uses the straight jacket belts to saw them out slowly when he’s not singing demented songs. Antipsychotics make him worse, so we do what we can to keep him isolated and not harming himself. That can be a task. The others can be drawn to him. It may be their shared madness which makes Xander appealing.

Sip the tea, dear. This type goes bitter if you drink it too fast.

Sarabeth, a paranoid schizophrenic with an authority issue. Your standard runaway, though with a bit more intelligence at hiding. She never did appreciate being told that she has to follow the rules, but what teenage girl does? We tried being lenient and she only got into more trouble, so we tightened up the reins on her considerably. Particularly after her few pyromaniac attempts.

Let’s see…. That leaves Zane? Yeah. Zane is our self harm poster child. You can literally take the book and check off each symptom of his tendancies. They tried medication, but it’s made him delusional. Still, it is better than his constant scheming for death. Each report from the psychologist got progressively more descriptive in his plans up until we decided to try the new medicine coming out. He’s still dark and requires monitoring, but he’s not as impulsive.

Each of them lives within their own delusions, but when placed together, they somehow manage to build off what each sees. I won’t lie, there have been a few altercations, but we have always treated the issue after the fact.

If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly were you expecting when you came here? A horror story most likely. You wouldn’t be the first. More tea? No? That’s just fine. Too much can put you to sleep. Or so my father says.

Do you mind if I make an observation, sweetheart?

I can see by your face alone that you are entirely too trusting. Believing everything they tell you without so much as a skeptical glance? A few details that just didn’t seem to add up? There is the doubt you should have examined earlier.

You’re stubborn, my dear. You want to believe them; it makes for a better story that there is somehow a bad guy in all this; that they aren’t to blame for what they’ve done. Who wants to believe that children can be murderers? Too bad it’s the bloody fucking truth. So you either accept their nature, or deny it. But denial can be as dangerous as blind acceptance.

No. Stay awake. I’ll slap you again if you start falling asleep before I’m finished with you. The poison wasn’t that potent.

And now you try to run. They always do. But it’s so hard to reach the door when your legs have become rubber and the doorknob is a bird. Those heavy arms just aren’t quick enough to catch it. So you may as well sit still. Finish listening; it might just save you yet.

Either I am lying, or they are. You have to decide. If you decide they are, just give me a smile and I’ll inject you with syringe. If you decide I am, you can inject yourself with the syringe to your left. Get it wrong, you stay in that colorful Wonderland you’re experiencing now. Get it right, and clarity will return.

Good luck, dear.

You wouldn’t be the first to get it all wrong. You might be the last to get it right.

After all Shadow warned you…. I’m Poison.
They Called Him Poison
The latest of my "They Called Them..." Series. Inspired by Panic and the Disco's new Death of a Bachelor album (and specifically the songs Crazy=Genius and Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time). I had realized after re-reading Misery that I had alluded to a final male character, but never brought his voice into the mixture. Hopefully this does him justice.

My last warning: you may not know what you believe when you finish reading this. But I would like you to tell me who you think has told the truth in the comments. Why? So that I can clarify the writing if a bunch of people are leaning one direction or another.

Comment as well if you would like the final chapter to be from our journalist.

Much love to you, my readers.


Lady of the Night
United States
I am a general writer and artist with a flare for the written word in the realm of romanticism. I submit things as I get the ideas in my mind; usually they are based off emotions or problems I'm thinking through. Some are merely dreams, others challanges by friends. I do love working by request.

Sometiems I will put up scan ins of my other art, or a digital piece but rarely as the written word is more my forte and outlet for the world. Sometimes I will post up snap shot enterances into my head, such as The Burning Fields or Welcome back to the Theatre. Other times it is poetry or even a short story.

Current Residence: Earth
deviantWEAR sizing preference: M
Favourite genre of music: Classical
Favourite photographer: Guiderelli
Favourite style of art: Digital Fantasy
Operating System: Windows
Favourite cartoon character: Raven (TT)
Personal Quote: Magic is the ability to make the impossible possible.
Well my lovelies... I guess a status update is in order. As of tomorrow, I am 20 weeks pregnant. On Tuesday, we will be finding out whether its a boy or girl. Kinda hoping for a boy, but I'll still be happy if its a girl. Once we find out, then I'll be informing those who don't know about the baby.

Unfortunately the pregnancy has not been an easy one. I've been hospitalized once cause it's been making me pretty sick. Nosebleeds, throwing up, losing weight instead of gaining... The good news is, that seems to be passing slowly. It's been awhile since I've had problems eating and I'm starting to gain the baby bump like I should. They're a little concerned because I have a 'hole' in my back that's closed over by skin, but it doesn't have anything beneath it but the bone. So... yeah... the little one may be at risk for spinal abiffida. They've run some blood work to find out. If it comes out positive they're gonna want an amino tap to which I say, fuck that. No needle is going into my stomach when it runs the risk of seriously hurting the baby. We'll deal with whatever comes. 

I've been working on the nursery design here and there. We're converting the walk in closet from our apartment; it's about 30sq ft. The only furniture we really plan on having is some storage cubes, a book shelf, and the crib which doubles as a play area/storage. The crib is on wheels so it'll be in the main room during the day. Theme wise, I'm planning an adventure theme. Bright colors of blues, reds, whites, black. Balloons, maps, animals.... think Up status. =] I'm hoping to make it pretty cheerful.

There is... a fear that I've been fighting. A fear that somehow, I'm going to lose the baby. Or that something is going to happen to our little one. Though I know I have very little to fear out here, it's been haunting my dreams recently and more often than not I end up sleeping the rest of the night curled up tight to him or he gets woken up by my whimpering. Hopefully it's just part of the "disturbing dream" phase that happens with most pregnancies (I've had a few of the common ones, like teeth falling out).

Trying to keep a positive go on this. We'll be headed back out in February to pick up a car. His brother is gonna sell us one for about a thousand bucks; since he works repo, he usually has a nice selection that all runs well. Then we'll drive back with his folks. Mine are unfortunately not able to travel; my mom's cancer kicked back up this summer and so she's been going through chemo. Hopefully she'll be done with it before the end of the year. She's going strong as always.

Um... what else... With luck, I'll be going back to school in August to finish out my bachelors and most likely the rest of my program. B. comes back from China in May... N. is graduating highschool... so this year should be much better than last. There is a LOT going on, but I'm always grateful to hear from people... I do keep feelers out even for the people I haven't seen in a while. Hope they keep their chin up and do well.

OH. And there is this freaky game I've come across called Five Night's at Freddy's. For being a simple game, it's creepy as all hell. If you enjoy horror/suspense games.... this ones perfect. Challenge? Play it at night with headphones in. It made one of my friends chuck his phone across the room and flee.

Luck and love to you all. I should have new work up relatively soon, even if it's just nursery designs.
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  • Watching: The Cat lurk under my futon
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  • Drinking: Grape Juice

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